DoD UID Nameplates

Enduring DoD IUID Nameplates for MIL-STD-130 Applications

Do you need UID nameplates, or DOD IUID nameplates that are compliant with U.S. Department of Defense standards? If you’re an existing or new government contractor that supplies assets in the form of parts or products used by the U.S. military, then you’ll need to get very well acquainted with the current MIL-Spec-130 standards for successful compliance.

Once you get a good grasp on the basics, you’ll need to determine if you plan to produce these nameplates in-house or order them from an outside supplier. If you choose to make your own, you may also wish to implement a verification system to ensure your labels meet all the stringent compliance details. IUID verification is also important in cases where a prime contractor receives items from a sub-contractor for use in fulfilling MIL-STD-130 applications. Continuous monitoring of nameplates and labels means that compliance will be more successful with less delay and inefficiencies.

Shows a handheld 2D data matrix scanner scanning 2D data matrix barcodes on a metal part.
photo of a DOD IUID Nameplate