UK Ministry of Defense Standards

IUID Verification System for UK Ministry of Defense Standards

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense Standards for IUID

Though comparable to MIL-STD-130, the requirements of the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense standard DEF STAN 05-132 vary from the United States’ system for IUID labeling and verification. This standard affects the technical procedures involved in purchasing assets, such as weapons and aircraft, for use by the government. DEF STAN 05-132 follows the rules as stated in STANAG 2290 and aims to increase asset management and tracking, as well as safety. While this standard is similar to the United States’, it may require a unique IUID verification system in addition to software and hardware to ensure compliance is cost effective and efficient.

As with IUID systems utilized by the United States, the UK also requires equipment to be permanently marked using approved methods. These permanent marks must be data rich barcodes or 2D Data Matrix codes that provide the required information for improved management, tracking and maintenance. The data needed within marks for the UK should be produced using approved marking equipment, including marking hardware and label software.

It is beneficial for contractors and manufacturers of the United Kingdom to integrate IUID systems into their on-going practices for easy compliance. We will be able to provide guidance as to which IUID verification system, software and hardware should be utilized by compliance with DEF STAN 05-132 with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense.