NATO Requirements Per DEF STAN 05-132

Similar to MIL-STD-130, DEF STAN 05-132 is the United Kingdom’s solution to IUID verification, tracking and management. NATO has adopted a similar solution in order to manage its enormous inventory, which has enabled more proficient and cohesive asset tracking that has reduced the need and cost for replacements. This solution comes in the form of the Allied Unique Identification of Items Publication (AUIDP-1) that requires all items be tagged with a permanent Unique Identifier that can be easily identified and tracked by multiple nations (further information is available in STANAG 2290).

This interconnected system allows all 28 nations of NATO to adhere to the same IUID requirements in order to improve efficiency and safety. The NATO IUID system also allows these nations to better communicate and manage property owned collectively. The standards are similar to the United States’ IUID labeling requirements, including key data about a product, but DEF STAN does include some key differences that may require professional guidance from ID Integration.

Our team of experienced and skilled integrators will be able to find the IUID verification systems, labeling software and hardware that will help contractors and manufacturers of NATO and the United Kingdom meet DEF STAN 05-132 compliance standards so that they may begin filling orders as soon as possible.

Shows military equipment often requiring DEF STAN for NATO