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Today’s modern applications can manage assets using a combination of RFID, barcoding, and software technologies. When you work with an experienced systems integrator, you greatly reduce the potential for issues with disparate data and the final solution provides a unique platform for solving a variety of challenges in asset tracking, production, consumables tracking, inventory, and more.

For decades, barcoding has been a predominant track and trace technology. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to converge technologies like barcoding and RFID to gain exponential insight and flexibility for a solution.

The strongest use case we have experienced involves combining both RFID and barcode technologies. Both technologies provide superior support for existing requirements while also delivering additional benefits to the end user:

✓ Combined solutions provide the capability to support throughout the end user’s value chain while providing enhanced visibility and flexibility.

✓ A scalable hybrid solution with ability to add function and increase capabilities throughout value chain using legacy systems with minimal downtime.

✓ A clear path for future migration to a more advanced technology where end users maintain increased control throughout the implementation, conversion pace, and investment.

Even though overlap in capability and function may be present, the combination of both solutions delivers the best of both worlds: increased business insight and intelligence with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Common Barcoding & Combined Technology Use Cases

Applications Requiring Human Readable & Advanced Data Capture/Monitoring

Asset Tracking for Maintenance & Repair Facilities

Consumables Tracking

Expiring Chemicals Tracking & Management

ID/Badge Tracking

Inventory Tracking & Management

MIL-STD-129R Change 2 Compliance

Tracking of Equipment, Assets, & Tools

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