Improve Traceability Tracking with IUID Scanners and Verification Systems

As per the requirements of several industries, manufacturers and contractors benefit from the use of modern traceability marking technologies to track government-owned assets, as well as warehouse assets. These technologies include IUID scanners and a IUID verification system, which can track products and then identify the products’ unique data.

Scanners and verification systems will help to improve the efficiency of a warehouse while identifying crucial data of products encoded within 2D Data Matrix labels. This aids contractors and manufacturers in capturing data quickly and verifying that all data is correct. The following products are available as solutions to this specific application:

Hand-held 2D Data Matrix Scanners for information retrieval:


Fixed Station 2D Data Matrix Verification Systems for information accuracy:


If you are unsure which system or scanner to purchase for your warehouse needs, we are able to assist you. Our seasoned integrators will recommend appropriate solutions for your unique requirements. We advocate only the best in IUID scanners and IUID verification systems to our clients so that they may efficiently meet compliance standards no matter the industry.

ID Integration is able to help individuals identify opportunities to greater improve the efficiency of their current processes. Our solutions are designed to help manufacturers and contractors of the government more quickly and efficiently meet standards. Our goal is that our IUID scanners and IUID verification systems will increase your warehouse’s workflow and asset management.

Shows photo of IUID scanner
Shows a photo of the Cognex DataMan 100V Fixed-mount Data Matrix Verifier in action with a hand holding a nameplate label underneath for verification.