BarCodeOS® Software Suite Delivers IUID Benefits for DOD Contractors

Graphic shows handheld barcode scanner and benefits

DoD Contractors: How to Start Using IUID Marks With Your Legacy Software

Looking to bridge potential gaps using old, out-of-date software for MIL-STD-130 compliant IUID marks? A common problem that our clients encounter is that their software systems do not have a field or capability to add a field to hold the UII (unique item identifier) data. Our newest solution provides a means for contractors and suppliers to gain better productivity. Scanning, validating, and transferring data from the IUID barcodes to asset and life cycle management software systems is now simplified. And this simplification saves our clients money.

According to our President and Founder, Gary Moe, “One of the biggest challenges in meeting DoD requirements is trying to work with outdated/disparate software systems. Many of the government’s software systems do not have what is needed to facilitate marking/reading of the ‘social security number’ (UII) required by the mandate.” Our development team solved these issues by creating our groundbreaking BarCodeOS ® software suite.

Here are some of the money-saving benefits of upgrading scanners to the exclusive BarCodeOS software suite:

• Expensive middleware is no longer needed for filtering and parsing data in different output formats. Scanners are easy to set up without the need of software drivers—You’ll experience true plug-and-play capability. BarCodeOS software suite works right out of the box.

• No need to spend money on labor to program scanner settings. BarCodeOS software suite is a set of applications that provide users the ability to switch operating modes by scanning configuration barcodes through a web browser. Our BarCodeOS solution makes the 200+ page user manual a thing of the past!

• Avoid the hassle of support calls with our Functional @ Boot Guarantee. Scanners power up because they are forced into a functional USB keyboard wedge. BarCodeOS software suite also locks the reader configuration, keeping data secure and preventing the accidental alteration of settings.

• Catch data entry errors before parts are submitted. BarCodeOS software suite only transmits valid DoD-compliant data strings to the PC. Our innovative software also identifies multiple syntax errors to provide extended error correction reporting. Non-printable characters in the raw barcode strings are avoided when inputting information to the WAWF registry.

• Prevent malicious OS attacks with the worlds only scanning solution equipped with FIREWALL security. BarCodeOS software suite blocks detrimental commands embedded in QR, data matrix, and PDF417 barcodes.

Transform your IUID barcode scanners into intelligent scanners. Contact our experts at ID Integration for a custom assessment of your present labeling, scanning, and validation processes to find out if your present software solutions are keeping up with the newest MIL-STD-130 requirements. Contact us at (425) 438-2533 to see how the BarCodeOS Software Suite can improve your company’s bottom line. Be sure to ask about our mobile turnkey and ergonomic solutions, too.