The Future of Error-Free Asset Tracking for Hospitals is Here!

Equipment tracking mistakes are costly in hospital settings. Wasting time searching for wheelchairs, gurneys, ventilators, IV pumps, surgical devices, pulls key medical personnel away from patient care. Loss from theft and misplaced articles add up. In the end, your bottom line suffers, productivity suffers, and your reputation suffers.

Enter ID Integration’s new, innovative solution for large hospital asset and equipment tracking. Imagine experiencing real-time notification of item movements—View them on a software map as they travel throughout your facility. Gain insights to increase your team’s efficiency and oversee the quickest pathway to transfer equipment to where it is needed most.

ID Integration employs AssetWorx!, the most state-of-the-art software for asset tracking for hospitals. When used with a combination of gateways and tags, accuracy and speed of locating specific healthcare equipment is improved exponentially. The V-Tags™ actually talk with each other to reveal their locations, automating the task of finding that needle in a haystack—Identifying a specific IV pump amidst several similar assets, for instance. The audible beeper functionality of the active tags, plus the power to quickly search across multiple maps of floors for any tagged piece of essential equipment, reveals an item’s location at a moment’s notice.

Our automated data capture system for hospitals and healthcare facilities is completely customizable.

Create your own unique parameters for movement:
• Avoid theft: Set specific alarm thresholds for movement to prevent items from being transported beyond surgical suites, intensive care, and to other floors. The system can also be interfaced with an Alarm with LED lights and audible alarm sounds.
• Reduce wait times and avoid logistical traffic jams: Discover the best travel routes throughout your facility for personnel with vital equipment.
• Locate patients: Keep tabs on patients’ whereabouts as they move from hospital room to surgical suite, to radiology, and elsewhere throughout your hospital.

Improve the precision and promptness of current procedures. Reduce labor time searching for necessary equipment. Ensure error-free inventory audits. Keep your hospital running efficiently. Contact our healthcare systems integration experts at (425) 438-2533 to experience the world of real-time automated data capture for your facility.