What’s the Secret to Breezing Through An IUID Audit? Read Our Updated White Paper for Useful Tips.

Shows cover of white paper, "Easy IUID Audit Prep with High Tech Barcode OS Scanners."
Here at ID Integration, we bring to the table more than 20 years of experience successfully navigating compliance standards in the defense and aerospace industries. “One-size-fits-all” solutions don’t work. We create tailor-made solutions to fit your needs, whether you’re facing an audit, or you’re just in need of ensuring proper labeling and IUID barcode validation for submission to the IUID registry and your property book system.

Read our updated white paper

 “Easy IUID Audit Prep with High Tech BarCodeOS® Scanners,” for great information on auditing topics including:
  • Simplifying IUID barcode validation
  • Eliminating expensive middleware
  • Reducing output error reports and tracking production data
  • Gaining improved insight

With over 50 different variations possible in the encoding of an IUID mark, there’s lots of room for error.

To easily skirt around compliance issues, we offer a diverse range of solutions to support the armed services and suppliers:

• Barcoding Systems

Labeling and nameplate creation for MIL-STD-130 compliance must meet a variety of complex specifications.  We’ll assist in matching the best labeling and direct part marking solutions for the size and material of your parts, including Fiber and CO2 laser marking systems, dot peen, thermal transfer printers, label design software, and more.

• Verification Systems

The means to ensuring your markings are in line with requirements is through the use of reliable IUID scanning and verification systems. Verification systems reveal the status of your marking equipment, and the proper 2D handheld data matrix scanners and fixed station systems make quick work of accurately reading codes.

• Intelligent IUID Scanners

Cut costs while improving compliance. We designed BarCodeOS® enabled scanners to avoid the need of downloading expensive middleware to cope with outdated software systems. BarCodeOS® technology turns a low-priced scanner into an intelligent scanner by filtering, parsing, and validating scanned information before sending the data to the PC. Experience speedy installation and configuration while keeping data entry fast and secure with the World’s ONLY barcode reader equipped with firewall protection.

• RFID Location Tracking

Save costs by increasing making asset and tool tracking more efficient. Avoid the need to install expensive infrastructure to locate assets on demand with our V-Tag™ Active RFID tag technology. No antennas are necessary because these tags “talk” to each other to create a mesh network. Imagine a real-time asset location system at half the price of traditional passive systems. You’ll see the positions of assets in your facility in a customized software map of your facility to get through audits in a flash.

• Field Teams Available to Cleanse Data

The use of our intelligent BarCodeOS® enabled scanners thwarts cybersecurity attacks with Firewall technology (our BarCodeOS® Security Filter is Patent Pending). When any malicious command is scanned, it is stopped in its tracks and blocked from disabling your computer network and data. Our scanner technology cannot be corrupted; it is impervious to attempts of reconfiguration or disabling through rogue commands. Rely on our field experts to cleanse data in your current database systems and assist with marking assets with IUID and RFID labels and tags.

• Integration to existing asset tracking systems

We put it all together through our premium consulting services, customizing your system to match today’s needs for security and compliance. We’ll help you save money because you won’t need to ditch your current systems and start from scratch. ID Integration experts assess your present systems and offer solutions for money-saving augmentation.
See our audit prep solutions in action. Meet with our IUID staff in person at the AAAA Show (Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit), April 25th through 27th in Nashville, Tennessee. Find us in Booth #972 to watch live demos of IUID label/nameplate creation and BarCodeOS® enabled scanners at work.
In the meantime, check out our white papers for more in-depth information: “Easy IUID Audit Prep”, “Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking infrastructures”, and “Is a Barcode Security Threat Looming in Your Company’s Future” (the latter containing a cool barcode test to see how secure your present scanners are).
Our IUID team is at the ready to answer your specific questions about IUID compliance and audit prep. Give us a call at 425-438-2533, or simply fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the AAAA Show.