Learn More About the Barcode Cybersecurity Threat

Image shows a cybercriminal embedding 2D barcodes with malicious code. BarCode OS enabled scanners block barcode security threats.

Learn More About The Barcode Cybersecurity Threat

Last month, we introduced the concept that a barcode scanner acts as a secondary keyboard to your computer. This presents a unique security threat that many may not know about. Through today’s modern USB connections, barcode readers are as easy to install as a common computer keyboard and this presents a range of threats for exposure to malicious barcodes.

This month, we are very proud to introduce a comprehensive white paper on this subject providing more depth on the risks, responsibilities, costs, and remedies to this barcode security threat. Read our new white paper, “Is A Barcode Security Threat Looming In Your Company’s Future,” for in-depth information on this subject. Give your barcode scanners a test on page three of this paper to see exactly how secure your systems are.

Shows the cover of ID Integration's new cybersecurity white paper, "Is A Barcode Security Threat Looming In Your Company's Future?"

Inside the paper you’ll find information about:

  • Consequences of a security breach
  • Past cyber incidences recorded
  • Where does the sensitive data go
  • Your responsibility in the event of a breach
  • Particular laws that may apply to your industry
  • Preventing cyber attacks from happening
  • Sources for more information

We are also pleased to share that ID Integration is introducing new cybersecurity consulting services to round out our full-service approach to systems integration. We partner with IT departments within the manufacturing, logistics, and industrial market space to deliver systems integration that’s mindful of automation, tracking, and compliance needs while also managing existing and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Take action before you experience a barcode security breach. Check out our new white paper, “Is A Barcode Security Threat Looming in Your Company’s Future?” at ID-Integration.com! It’s packed with timely information about firewall protection to thwart a barcode hacker. You’ll discover:

  • Why Data Security is an Ever-Present Issue
  • How Cyber Criminals Access Your System and Data
  • Results of an OS System Takedown & General IT Mayhem
  • Methods for Preventing Barcode Cyber Attacks

You’ll also learn how to avoid the expensive fallout that results from scanning barcodes containing embedded malicious codes.

Our cybersecurity experts welcome your questions: Contact us at 425-438-2533 for customized security measures for your company’s applications.