Take Advantage of Our Summer Splash of Savings to Explore New RFID Starter Kits

State-of-the-art, cutting edge innovations in RFID asset tracking and location technologies can turn your business around. What was once an expensive, time-consuming search for needed tools, parts, equipment, and assets now takes only moments to find as their locations display in real-time on a software map. Imagine how easy it would be to track a work in process, locate assets for audits, and even track a work order as it travels from concept through completion. But how can you determine the best ways to apply RFID for your specific needs without making a large financial commitment?

Here at ID Integration, we have the solution: Take advantage of our Summer Splash of Savings to explore our RFID Starter Kits. No steep learning curves to climb. No additional antennas or infrastructure is necessary. These self-contained kits include everything you need to test 24/7 visibility, without a huge monetary outlay.

Our Summer Splash of Savings features:

  • The Demo RFID Starter Kit—At just $499 (plus shipping and handling), this RFID kit is the most cost-effective introduction to the world of RFID asset tracking.

Questions, call (425) 438-2533.

A complete demo RFID solution with:
1 Smart Gateway
6 Fixed Location V-Tags
2 Asset V-Tags
One Month Subscription to AssetWorx! Cloud Software

(Shipping & handling charge will be added.)

With 1 smart gateway that negates the need for additional infrastructure, you’ll quickly ascertain the usefulness of RFID for your custom applications. Experiment tracking by attaching the 6 fixed location V-Tags™ and 2 asset V-Tags™ to items throughout your facility. With AssetWorx! RFID cloud software (one month’s subscription is included), view the whereabouts of tagged assets from your computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

  • The GPS RFID Starter Kit–$999 (plus shipping and handling) gets you into the RFID technology created for remote locations.

Questions, call (425) 438-2533.

A complete demo GPS RFID solution with:
1 Smart Gateway
1 Smart Gateway Exterior
6 Fixed Location GPS V-Tags
2 Asset GPS V-Tags
One Month Subscription to AssetWorx! Cloud Software

(Shipping & handling charge will be added.)

With this kit, remain connected to your asset locations, even when WiFi is unavailable. Experiment with V-Tag GPS™ location tracking designed for harsh outdoor environments and rugged indoor industrial environments. These tags sound the alarm at 75 decibels with wide-ranging temperature and humidity thresholds. Your one-month subscription to Assetworx!™ RFID cloud software delivers hourly location, shock value, and temperature reports to your mobile device. We include 2 Smart Gateways—one indoor and one outdoor—to read and capture the coordinates of 6 fixed location GPS V-Tags™ and 2 asset GPS V-Tags™. Read more about the amazing possibilities of GPS V-Tag™ technology.

These all-in-one Starter Kits are the only equipment you’ll need to execute a pilot RFID program.

Follow our tips for initiating your RFID pilot test to select the best RFID Starter Kit to suit your needs:

    1. Set clear objectives—What do you wish to accomplish with RFID tech? Are you looking to speed along production efficiency? Are you seeking a way to end the needless waste of time involved in searching for inventory on your warehouse floor, or outside on your company lot or shipping platform? Do you need to track temperature fluctuations with hazardous materials? Do you need to monitor the passage of assets between restricted areas? Get specific with your intended applications.
    2.  Determine the length of your test—How much time will you need to conclude the best use of RFID for your needs? With our RFID Starter Kits, there’s no set-up time involved, and your test can begin right out of the box.
    3. Select a testing sample and a testing team—Choose the particular items to tag in your test, and choose which devices you’ll use to monitor tagged assets. Where are the tagged items located, and where do you anticipate movement? Get your testing team on board with your intended purpose of RFID technology and implement a plan for interpreting results.

Will you need more RFID tags than those included in our featured Summer Splash of Savings Starter Kits? See our entire family of RFID Starter Kits, suitable for running small and large scale pilot tests. Perhaps you’d like to know how to leverage innovative technologies for more enhanced cloud manufacturing? Read more about the unique Xemelgo X-track solution, which combines Industry 4.0, IoT, Cloud, Mobile, and AI to your manufacturing process. Our RFID team is available to offer guidance to help you make the best choice for your RFID proof of concept test—Contact us at 425-438-2533.