ID Integration Helps You Comply with FDA UDI Rules at UDI Conference 2017, June 7-8, Baltimore, MD

Shows companies collaborating to exhibit at the upcoming UDI Conference in Baltimore, MD.

This year’s UDI Conference, June 7-8 at the Hilton Baltimore, promises to be the most groundbreaking yet. It’s a must for professionals from medical device manufacturers, group purchasing organizations, health care distributors, hospitals, and health care providing organizations. Discover the nuances of the FDI UDI rules and how they streamline manufacturing, sales, repackaging, safety, and efficiency. You’ll meet the UDI team from the FDA, experience how UDI data improves your business processes, and learn strategies for UDI implementation.

New FDA UDI compliancy topics include how to reduce medical errors, supply chain management, and how to comply with the most recent rules. Our ID Integration staff will be on hand to demonstrate the most complete solutions now available.

Our big 10 x 20 foot booth features a trifecta of UDI experts. Our joint focus: “Bringing it All Together to Help You Comply with UDI.” Visit with the following professionals in our exhibit booth:

  • ID Integration, Inc.—See our exclusive BarCodeOS enabled scanners in action. Witness how these intelligent scanners work seamlessly for medical device applications—Our BarCodeOS enabled scanners effortlessly read, validate, and parse any ISBT, HIBCC, or GS1 label. Just listen for the beep: 1 beep is a good code, 4 beeps is a bad code. Imagine how BarCodeOS technology will free you from costly errors while increasing efficiency!
  • TEKLYNX International—They bring over 30 years of experience to developing barcode labeling software solutions. Find out about their CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, and LABELMATRIX design software, and more.
  • PIPS, Inc. (Product Identification & Processing Systems, Inc.)—Their specialty in automatic data capture technology (AIDC) is the cornerstone of product standards, marking, coding, and scanning development since 1978. Find out about their SoftMaster EPS (Encapsulated PostScript Format), bar code image files, pressure sensitive and specialty Labels, on demand label and tag printers, and more.

Here at ID Integration, making quick work of validating barcodes for FDA compliance is our goal. BarCodeOS technology sets the standard for this validation for the identification rules for Class I, II, and III devices, as well as products licensed through the Public Health Services Act.

Attending our exhibit booth at 9th Annual UDI Conference 2017 will put you on the ground floor to the most recent nuances in FDA UDI rules and the latest compliancy technology. The UDI Conference is the only event dedicated to training and guidance for everyone who is affected by FDA regulations. Register online today, and take advantage of group pricing. We’ll see you on June 7th and 8th at the Hilton Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland!

Can’t wait to find out more about our state-of-the-art BarCodeOS enabled scanners? Contact the ID Integration compliance experts for a free consultation at 425-438-2533.