Who Needs DOD Compliancy Headaches? Software for IUID Labels and IUID Scanners Made Simple

Shows cover of white paper, "Easy IUID Audit Prep with High Tech Barcode OS Scanners."

(UPDATE 3/30/18: We have refreshed the white paper referenced on this page with a more current version.)

There’s enough stress over the holiday season without dealing with complex Department of Defense IUID requirements. Sifting through ridiculously long, 200+ page manuals, paying the costs of middleware, and hassling with the installation of expensive hardware drivers make barcode validation a nightmare. And then once you’re up and running, functional issues often require IT support personnel on your shop floor.

Even when your scanning software is running, a larger problem looms with the proliferation of malicious operating system commands embedded within QR, PDF417, and Data Matrix barcodes. Such OS system attacks are capable of bringing your IUID scanners to a standstill.

Here at ID Integration, our DOD compliance experts went to work to discover the perfect solution to eliminate the headaches associated with the validation of IUID labels. Our solution is as simple as hearing “1 beep for a good code, 4 beeps for a bad code” when scanning virtually any barcode mark. Our solution is designed to work within your current processes to eliminate the need for revamping enterprise IT solutions or installing expensive middleware.

We’ve recently published a new white paper, “Easy DCMA Audit Prep with High Tech BarCodeOS® IUID Scanners,” on the subject of IUID compliance and future DCMA Audits. Download this free paper here for more in-depth information!

shows cover of Easy DCMA Audit Prep with High Tech BarCode OS IUID Scanners

Download RFID white Paper

What is this one-size-fits-all solution that makes barcode validation easy?

It’s the exclusive BarCodeOS Software Suite. Our Smart-UID DoD Industry Module was built to match DoD compliancy needs. It includes:

• Secure-Boot, our “Functional @ Boot Guarantee” power up scanners without the need of support calls. Your barcode readers function as secondary keyboards to a PC, making installation, configuration, and data entry quick and simple.

• Secure-Config locks the reader’s configuration to save settings with every power-up cycle of the barcode reader. This locked scanner configuration prevents settings from being changed, making the reason for most support calls ancient history.

• Portable Web Browser Configuration provides customers a public web portal to configure features on their scanners and enable easy data formatting. No need for multi-page manuals anymore.

• The World’s only barcode scanner FIREWALL automatically blocks malicious OS attacks, particularly found in QR codes. BarCodeOS is the only released scanning solution that protects your operating system and prevents this issue.

BarCodeOS software suite is a perfect fit for DOD Industry applications.

With Smart-UID, only valid MIL-STD-130 codes are transmitted to eliminate errors. Multiple UID syntax errors are reported, along with suggested corrections. The output format is in line with UID Registry database formats. Both P/N barcodes AND UID barcodes can be scanned without switching modes.
Smart-UID makes it easy to validate whether data syntax meets the DOD requirements. Visit our BarcodeOS Intelligent Scanners page to discover more details about our premier solution for IUID barcode validation. Watch BarCodeOS software suite in action and see for yourself how easy it is to use. Then call us for a free, no obligation consultation at 425-438-2533. Take steps today to simplify IUID barcode validation.