ID Integration Receives Emerging Manufacturing Company of the Year in 2016 at WA Manufacturing Awards!

Shows ID Integration team with WA Manufacturing Award

We are very proud to share that ID Integration, Inc. is the winner of the 2016 Washington Manufacturing Awards, as the Emerging Manufacturing Company of the Year, Small Firms category, by Seattle Business Magazine! This is a big honor for our growing business. Our entire team here at ID Integration worked diligently to become leaders in systems integration for a wide range of challenging industries.

According to Leslie Helm, the editor of Seattle Business Magazine, “The winners were companies with innovative products who found ways to boost their competitiveness through improved manufacturing processes and effective marketing.” Firms that are recognized are introducing cutting-edge technologies, including our latest successful solutions for affordable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) asset tracking.

Our breakthroughs in RFID technology are recognized because they go beyond military and aerospace applications—They are relevant for a growing number of business sectors.

We discovered that there is a need in the aerospace industry to be able to track tools, assets, and work-in-progress in real-time, on a software map of the warehouse facility. There is a need to show updated locations of these assets once they move positions. Traditional passive RFID systems cannot do this. With our partners at InfinID Technologies, we presented their V-Tag™ Active RFID asset location system, along with AssetWorx! Software Platform as the solution.

The revolutionary aspect of the V-Tag™ system is that the battery-operated V-Tags™ form a mesh network of communication and “talk” to each other. This eliminates the need to build the expensive infrastructure and antennas necessary for passive RFID systems.

We ran two pilot studies with aerospace companies that were seeking a way to track tools and work-in-progress as they moved. The success of these pilot studies proved that the V-Tag™ technology was more responsive at half the price of RFID passive systems (Read the full RFID Journal report on the findings of these pilots.)

V-Tags™ are not exclusive to aerospace and military sectors. They have found their way into the smart manufacturing plans of Repair, Maintenance, Logistics, Operations (MR), Oil, Pipeline, and Mining industries. They even have applications for the Medical and First Responder professions.

And this is what we are about here at ID Integration, Inc.—Bringing benefit to the society as a whole with our groundbreaking technology. We are very honored and thank Seattle Business Magazine for recognition of our work in the 2016 WA Manufacturing Awards. We continue to make strides in RFID, IUID, and UDI technology to find solutions to meet compliancy regulations for the ATA, the DoD, and the FDA.

For information about how our newest technologies can help your firm save time and money, contact our integration team for a no-obligation evaluation at (425) 438-2533.