Barcode Security Threat Info

UH-OH! You May Be At Risk for Cyber Attack

Your scanners are allowing Windows Run Commands to be executed currently.

Can hackers also gain entry into your operating system through malicious barcodes?

The answer is a very uncomfortable, maybe.

How is this possible? Most barcode scanners are connected via USB, which acts as a second keyboard to your computer. In other words, with just 50 keystrokes, a hacker could potentially unlock the door to your operating system.

This is because your barcode scanner does not have a hardware security filter built-in for protection. BarCode OS ® can eliminate these issues.

Learn more about a malicious barcode threat on our application page.

It’s packed with timely information about firewall protection to thwart a barcode hacker.

You’ll discover:

✓ Why Data Security is an Ever-Present Issue
✓ How Cyber Criminals Access Your System and Data
✓ Results of an OS System Takedown
✓ The Mayhem a Barcode Security Threat Creates for IT

Image illustrates the relationship between USB connected barcode scanners and their function as a secondary keyboard.

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    Image shows a cybercriminal embedding 2D barcodes with malicious code. BarCode OS enabled scanners block barcode security threats.