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Announcing the Newest Breakthroughs in Active RFID and GPS RFID Tag Technologies

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Up until now, locating assets housed between buildings, outdoors across several parking lots, and along acres of land was a challenge. Is there an efficient, inexpensive asset tracking system available that can withstand harsh outdoor environmental conditions and industrial sites? We have the answer!

Introducing the new V-Tag GPS™ RFID tag technology from InfinID. As with the V-Tag™ Active RFID tracking system, now available for $35.00 a tag, the tags “talk” with each other to create an ad hoc, decentralized network that replaces the need to install costly antennas and infrastructures to get up and running. Easy installation plus low-cost tags make V-Tag™ the quick and affordable solution for locating assets for many applications. With the groundbreaking V-Tag GPS™ system, you can now track tools and equipment beyond the walls of your facility.

Here at ID Integration, our RFID experts always test out state-of-the-art technology before offering it to you. We found that the same mesh network of the active V-Tag™ RFID asset location system functions just as reliably on a larger scale for the V-Tag GPS™ system.

Beyond inexpensive tags and wide hop distances, here’s why this groundbreaking V-Tag GPS™ Location Tracking System (LTS) technology is the premier choice for outdoor and long-range asset tracking:

Perfect for remote locations

No SIMs cards or GSM monthly services are needed unless WIFI is not accessible. You’ll only pay for the gateways needed to access the perimeter of the area you wish to track – in many cases, a single data plan works well to establish a tracking area

Fast and easy installation

No need to install Ethernet cable, mounting brackets, power, and active RFID transponder antennas across various locations.

Designed for rugged industrial environments

Temperature thresholds range from -40˚F to 185˚F and from 0 to 95% humidity. Locate assets in the harshest of conditions to an accuracy of 5 to 15 feet.

Equipped with beepers that sound at 75 decibels

When two identical-looking assets cannot be distinguished, activate the beeper to pinpoint exact locations.

Receive hourly sensor reports

That include maximum shock values in addition to minimum and maximum temperature readings.

Remote activation by cell phone or tablet using either Android or iOS

Configure V-Tag GPS™ to push is data to the V-Tag™ cloud to show the exact location of assets while you’re on the go. Mobile apps synch with any computer, phone, tablet and RFID reader.

Real-time notification of asset movement

The built-in motion detector sensor instantly activates the moment a tagged stationary asset begins to move.

The new, groundbreaking V-Tag GPS™ tag technology, from InfinID, is perfectly suited to the outdoors. These rugged RFID tags are designed to withstand the rigors of wide temperature and humidity fluctuations found in outdoor environments.

The beauty of the new GPS V-Tags™ is that they work seamlessly with AssetWorx!™ RFID tracking software to display the location of each tagged asset onto a dynamic map of your business arena. When an asset is moved, its new location is instantly updated on your software map.

Transform production efficiency with improved workflow, fewer errors, and less downtime. Save time and money searching for critical tools and equipment. Breeze through audits and keep tabs on inventory. Imagine the wide range of uses – indoors or outdoors – for a V-Tag RFID Location Tracking System (LTS):

Indoors (V-Tag Active RFID Tags):

  • Work order tracking—As a work order travels through receiving, to fabrication, to packaging, and then shipping, track the progress to ensure on-time completion
  • Tracking work in process (WIP) in industrial manufacturing—Equipment carts can now be tracked between buildings
  • Incoming and outgoing shipments—All business sectors benefit from monitoring pallets of completed products and monitoring the location of materials awaiting transport into or out of your facilities
  • Aerospace applications—Parts and tools are readily located across hangars
  • Hospital asset tracking—Never waste time looking for wheelchairs and medical equipment across different floors and between buildings
  • Hazardous chemical containment—Locate drums of hazardous materials and monitor their movements into and out of restricted areas
V-Tag active RFID provides a low-cost location tracking solution that’s perfect for hospitals. Track computer carts, wheelchairs, and other high-value equipment quickly and effortlessly. V-Tag active RFID tags are now available for as low as $35.00 per tag!


Outdoors (V-Tag GPS RFID Tags):

  • Car lot tracking—Find the locations of specific new and rental vehicles across several parking lots
  • Agricultural applications—Farmers can now locate tools and vehicles across acreage
  • Port and harbor implementation—Find locations of outgoing containers to be shipped and incoming containers awaiting inspection by Homeland Security
The new V-Tag GPS RFID solution is an excellent fit for tracking assets outdoors – like in this example rental car lot – where a specific vehicle needs to be quickly located.

Couple V-Tag GPS™ Active RFID tags for outdoor use with the original V-Tag™ RFID tags for indoor use, and never waste time hunting down valuable tools, equipment, and assets again. Our RFID team is on hand to answer your questions at 425-438-2533. Or complete our simple contact form and we’ll be happy to reach out to you.


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