IUID Integration Proves Beneficial for Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is yet another industry that benefits from the use of barcoded marking, as it provides traceable markings for a plethora of diverse products. Through the use of 2D Data Matrix codes, such as those used for asset tracking in the Department of Defense and NASA, manufacturers are able to mark relevant products with traceable lot, batch and expiration codes in order to better manage their products while ensuring the safety of consumables such as caffeinated beverages. With innovative marking technology provided by seasoned integrators such as our team at ID Integration, manufacturers can include IUID integration into their current manufacturing processes.

ID Integration recommends only the best marking equipment and materials for manufacturers of the packaging industry. This marking software will produce visible codes on products without slowing down the production process. These marking technologies can keep on pace with existing packaging processes in order to improve efficiency and achieve maximum output while reducing overhead costs.

ID Integration offers the following solutions for those working within the packaging industry.

Turnkey (MIMS) Systems
Dot Peen Systems
Thermal Label Printer Systems
CO2 Laser Systems
Polymer Bond Marking
High-Resolution Ink Stencil

Any of these barcode marking technologies can help a manufacturer make the best out of coding integration.