ISO Certification

Gain ISO Certification Through Tracking and Analysis

Though the International Standards Organization for Standardization does not provide certification, external companies provide ISO certification, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. The majority of companies seek out this certification in order to improve internal operations in terms of efficiency and budgets, as well as meet necessary standards implemented by government bodies. ISO ensures that items are of high quality. ID Integration can aid clients in their pursuit of certification with quicker processes that are more beneficial for their unique needs.

Certification can provide a company with more comprehensive procedures that improve risk management while maintaining efficient use of resources. Certification requires smarter tracking and analysis processes that can be achieved through two primary systems: scanners and verification systems. The following systems enable companies to easily track items and analyze their data for the necessary components:

Hand-held 2D Data Matrix Scanners

Available from: Cognex, Motorola, Microscan, Siemens, and Honeywell

Fixed station 2D Data Matrix Verification Systems

Available from: Webscan, Cognex and Microscan

ID Integration recommends only the best hardware and software in order to achieve ISO certification. These systems are designed to improve the tracking of assets through scanning and verification methods that may also be used to analyze data present within an item’s Unique Identifier. We are able to recommend the best system for your requirements for certification.

ISO Standards


Shows a photo of the Cognex DataMan 100V Fixed-mount Data Matrix Verifier in action with a hand holding a nameplate label underneath for verification.
shows 2D Data Matrix barcode