State-of-the-Art Healthcare Equipment Tracking and Team Location Technology

Workflow Automation & Healthcare Equipment Tracking Applications

The wonders of Bluetooth technology are now proven to curb wasted hours on labor and improve patient care. Here at ID Integration, we’ve partnered with NavvSystems to provide easy-to-use tracking tech that can be deployed with better coverage.

NavvTrack BLE Hospital equipment tracking and tagging make quick work of finding missing items, and NavvTrack Teams identify the exact locations of personnel in real-time. These new innovations are all part of NavvTrack’s Care Traffic Control System, a dynamic mapping system that functions through your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to pinpoint the whereabouts of equipment, track valuable assets, and contribute to efficient workflow orchestration.

Has your critical healthcare staff wasted hours searching for equipment and materials instead of attending to patient care?

Have your OR teams sacrificed quality and safety by attempting to track, maintain, inspect, or replace hundreds of pieces of equipment scattered across your hospital? Have they turned to hoarding equipment to avoid searching for items when they are needed?

Over a third of nurses spend at least an hour, per shift, looking for missing medical equipment! (Source: Buck this trend with NavvTrack Equipment Bluetooth-enabled, low-energy (BLE) Beacon Tags. Attach them to necessary items and discover how NavvTrack Equipment dramatically increases hospital efficiency.

Healthcare staff can now see, in real-time, the exact locations of tagged items.

View tracked items on a digital map on a computer or mobile device to prevent essential equipment from hiding from plain view, being hoarded, or removed from your premises. Quickly find equipment for inspection and maintenance to satisfy Joint Commission safety standards.

Shows a digital hospital facility map

Hospital management avoids unnecessary healthcare costs and trims spending.

Knowing where important equipment and materials are at all times maximizes the utilization of these assets. Bring an end to renting or replacing backups, lower capital expenditures, and deploy a successful loss prevention strategy that recovers your bottom line.

How does NavvTrack work, and how can it be applied to your company’s needs?

Utilizing the same concept of GPS on your phone outdoors, the NavvTrack indoor tracking system is built to view your unique floor plan using your existing wireless network and managed devices. Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) picks up the location of workers carrying iPhones equipped with the NavvTrack app. Quickly and easily oversee the movement and location of hospital equipment and team members in real-time from a central traffic-control center and stay in touch via text message.

Shows a closeup of an IV infusion pump

BLE hospital equipment tracking technology enables teams to quickly and easily locate important equipment on a software map.

Shows a hospital team rushing down a corridor

Has your dispatching staff experienced confusion on the locations of personnel?

Do they have the location information necessary to know who is closest to come to the rescue when a patient needs to be transported or equipment needs to be delivered stat?

NavvTrack Teams zeros in on the locations of valuable personnel in real-time, enabling dispatchers to see where each is located to coordinate their routes seamlessly. Most importantly, when a staff member is under threat or duress, NavvTrack Teams utilizes a special badge with a button to call security or 911 in the event of an emergency.

Read a case study about how a New England hospital improved patient transport time by 17% even with limited staff resources.

Experience how NavvTrack Teams brings needed support to your critical healthcare personnel:

Transport dispatchers and managers get a bird’s-eye-view of the exact locations of each crucial team member displayed on a digital map of your hospital. Work orders are distributed efficiently, locations and movements are tracked precisely to optimize response times to patients in need, and the training of new team members is greatly enhanced.

Medical teams experience improved efficiency with location-based routing of key staff members and work orders. Management is equipped with the data they need to refine workflows and operations. And your entire staff arrives at peace of mind, knowing that help is on the way with the push of a button, no matter where they are located within your facility.

Stop wasting time. Know where to find crucial equipment. Know who is in closest proximity to provide help. Improve response times and safety for your hospital teams. Employ the location mapping system founded by doctors and healthcare leaders to solve the problems of missing equipment, long wait times for staff, and frustrated patients—Employ the Care Traffic Control hospital equipment tracking system.

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