Automated Chemical Etching Systems

IUID (UID) Marking Hardware Solutions: Automated Chemical Etching Systems
example chemical etching system for UID and IUID markingexample UID marking with chemical etching system

Regardless of the type of items that are purchased by the United States government, IUID ,or UID, marking is an essential step in MIL-STD-130 compliance, which states that government owned items and property in excess of $5,000 must be marked with approved methods and materials to improve asset management and accountability.  The IUID mandate affects all manufacturers for the United States government and from this requirement several hardware solutions have arisen to satisfy the marking needs of government contractors.

One of the preferred methods for marking directly on a part is the Automated Chemical Etching System. This method produces permanent high resolution marks that eliminate potential human errors in 2D Data Matrix coding while providing a mark that will endure the life span of a product with ease. This process involves three necessary elements for success, including a marking unit, a stencil, and an electrolyte, which produces the numbers on the plate.. Chemical etching equipment supplied by ID Integration, Inc. utilizes these elements in order to make IUID compliant markings  for clients.

Automated Chemical Etching Systems are useful for companies that need to create markings for a variety of materials, including hardened steel and exotic aerospace alloys. IUID is simplified with reliable hardware solutions that provide superior IUID markings on client products.

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