Smart Manufacturing RFID

Introducing Smart Manufacturing: Applying RFID Solutions for Your Business

Intelligent work-in-process (WIP) is now available to your business from ID-Integration, Inc. Through our partnership with Entigral, smart manufacturing—including state-of-the-art RFID solutions—is accessible for new business applications. This means that the high quality marking, tracking, and scanning of products that were once only reserved for our country’s military needs, and for the aviation sector, can be put to use to create a ROI on all of your asset, inventory, and manufacturing tracking.

The application of the TraxWare® software platform affords you greater control over your factory floor through the application of advanced sensor automation. Enter the world of smart manufacturing with sensor based technologies that make your work-in-process “aware” and Intensify your Processes Automation.

Today’s top manufacturers are struggling to make their existing manufacturing processes meet the critical needs of the new automation objectives ushered in by smart manufacturing.  They see the need to streamline their industrial workflows as they pursue leaner manufacturing practices and Just In Time inventory availability.  The ability to follow the status of critical components in the manufacturing processes is difficult, but TraxWare can provide plant managers with complete visibility over their processes even beyond the discrete points of measure.

  • Provide real time visibility to components, sub-assemblies, and production batches to best handle exceptions
  • Decrease unnecessary human interaction to identify, categorize, or locate WIP
  • Supply data and metrics for ERP and manufacturing software

The combination of Intensified Process Automation, the world of Cloud Computing, and M2M Communicationleads to systems that can provide the kind of actionable data that will allow you to transform your manufacturing model. This kind of manufacturing intelligence (MI) can actually provide the kind of intelligent processes with an intuition that has been absent from modern WIP solutions: Real-time notification of analytics and exceptions without the need of human intervention.

To learn more about how this innovative TraxWare® application can improve your company’s ROI, contact us today at (425) 438-2533.

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