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Introducing ID Integration’s New Partnership with Zebra Technologies Future-Forward Solutions in RFID for Manufacturing

Innovations for RFID applications continue to push the envelope. Gone are the once laborious and error-ridden methods for tracking, locating, and logging in parts and inventory. Now quickly-scanned, accurate data is at-the-ready for effortless analysis. ID Integration is at the helm of delivering you a better read on what’s going on in your business, because we keep a step ahead of the newest technological breakthroughs in RFID for manufacturing.

To continue to bring you the most recent, proven advancements in RFID management, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Zebra Technologies. ID Integration is more than an approved reseller of Zebra’s state-of-the-art RFID solutions—we’re accepted as a Business Partner with the Advanced RFID Specialist designation. We passed Zebra’s rigorous testing and certification process to be able to offer you their products, in addition to our full line of RFID solutions for:

• Inventory Management—Quickly and efficiently locate items for audits

• Security and Safety Management –Monitor the movement of tracked items within designated areas

• Work-In-Process (WIP) Management—Determine hang-ups as a work order proceeds across your factory floor

• Predictive Analysis and Maintenance Management—Anticipate problems before they happen

• Database Management—Eliminate the headaches of analyzing disparate data as you collect info from different sources

• Remote Management—Oversee your operations wherever you access the internet

View our RFID Solutions Flipbook for more detailed information about Real-Time Locationing and Tracking with Zebra Technologies.

ID Integration has a long history with RFID management. Back in 1999, Boeing contracted with us to test the viability of RFID tag technology to track structural parts in their manufacturing processes. We came up with the novel solution to embed a small RFID microchip into a durable plastic rivet which was attached to the parts. Boeing later adopted metal tags marked with dot peened 2D Data Matrix codes that are easily read with our BarCodeOS ® enabled scanners. We are proud that Boeing continues to use our scanning technology to this day.

Fast forward to 2020, and ID integration continues to spearhead the latest groundbreaking technologies for inventory management, real-time location tracking, smart manufacturing, and government compliance.

Our new partnership with Zebra Technologies expands your choices for real-time asset location, tracking, and control. You now have an additional method for experiencing that birds-eye overview of your operations for faster, more accurate data collection and decision-making. With Zebra products:

• Ensure seamless operation of hardware and software
• Experience homogeneous data collection and analysis
• Oversee asset management with ease
• Enjoy stellar visibility of inventory while lowering labor and operation costs

Up your game in inventory management precision. See an improvement in your ROI for your particular application: retail, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and more. By joining forces with Zebra Technologies, we’re offering you the ultimate edge that keeps you light years ahead of your competition by working smarter.

Stay tuned as we roll out these new additions to our data integration services. Invite ID Integration to customize your RFID asset management system to fit your specific needs and industry applications with our full range of RFID hardware and software products and services. Reach us at (425) 438-2533 for your no obligation consultation to get started with RFID or add on to your existing RFID system.

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