The Newest Innovations In ATA SPEC 2000 And MIL-STD-130 Solutions

RFID for Smart Manufacturing at RFID Live

ID Integration, Inc. Demonstrates Commercial Aerospace ATA Spec 2000 RFID and Smart Manufacturing Solutions at RFID Show

The experts from ID Integration, Inc., appeared at the RFID Live event in April of 2014 with new and state-of-the-art solutions for both ATA SpecGaryMoe_RFIDLiveShow 2000 RFID compliance and Smart Manufacturing applications for Work-in-Process and asset tracking. Visitors gained knowledge of emerging 
innovations to better manage raw materials and relevant data from the beginning stages throughout production workflow and final production. These technological breakthroughs provide improved compliance, data capture, production, and quality control.

ID Integration’s long history of proven leadership and guidance in the field of automatic identification set us apart at the show. As one of the leading systems integrators for direct part marking in complex and numerous manufacturing applications, we have the knowledge to help our client meet the stringent specifications required by the U.S. Department of Defense and beyond. Our range of comprehensive compliance solutions for MIL-STD-130, ATA Spec 2000, DEF STAN for NATO and NASA Parts Identification stood out at the RFID Show. We’ve provided decades of solutions for related automation niches, including asset/warehouse management, custom integration projects, and more.

Here is just a sample of what we presented at the show:
Solutions for Aerospace & ATA Spec 2000:

  • RFID printing with thermal transfer to encode ATA Spec 2000 tags.
  • High memory RFID tags for aerospace applications

Smart Manufacturing Solutions:

  • Work-in-Process (WIP) for improved workflow visibility, streamlining, and decision-making
  • Automated asset tracking solutions with seamless integration for a variety of compliance needs
  • Improved supply chain control to track and validate raw materials and finished goods traveling to, and stored in, their proper locations.

To learn more about how ID Integration, Inc. can offer your organization the latest in tracking and managing solutions to meet governmental labeling, marking, and managing requirements, reach us today using our helpful Contact Us form. Our professionals are ready to customize a cost efficient system to meet your needs.


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