CenSys RFID Reader

Discover How to Save Money Tracking Assets Using the Internet of Things with the CenSys RFID Reader!

Wi-Fi connections and cloud-based software transform our daily lives. The latest innovations include self-driving cars (Tesla), voice-controlled speakers (Amazon’s Echo), and apps that allow for remote operation of household appliances (Nest Thermostat), are all made possible by the Internet of Things.

The Brady® CenSys RFID Reader makes money-saving asset tracking and monitoring available by using the IoT (the Internet of Things). RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is now affordable for home and business use. This new RFID reader is available for less than $1000 and works with low-cost paper RFID tags at the price point of 10 to 15 cents each!

The Brady® CenSys RFID Reader is the first IoT RF Reader available on the market.

You don’t need any coding skills or technological expertise to install, configure, and customize tracking. Forget about the need to install significant data and power infrastructures to get up and running.

CenSys is designed as the easy-to-install solution to RFID asset tracking and inventory management. Because of its low bandwidth and low voltage, and its connection via Wi-Fi, there’s no need for labor to install and set up traditional RFID systems. No programming is required, and individuals with basic IT networking skills can perform the installation. The low price point on this new passive RFID solution is made possible because no cables (data or power) are necessary. Simply plug it in, mount it on a wall, and begin setting up a system using an easy-to-use cloud-based software solution.

CenSys is the first RFID device designed with configurable alerts and messaging.

The hardware contains a customizable, multi-colored LED and Piezo speaker. The CenSys field notifications are a breeze to configure.

Program the Brady® CenSys RFID Reader to light up green and beep the next time a particular asset is checked out, picked up, or changes location unexpectedly. Send a text message or email the next time any movement is detected. Use the mobile app to see an asset’s current location at any time while on the go.

Simplify your asset tracking experience. Using a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, quickly and easily search for tagged assets, discover where they were last seen, view the asset’s movement, see your most active and least active assets, research the status of assets that are checked out to different individuals and departments, keep tabs on your favorite assets, add photos and other asset characteristics, and review asset location history.

Our cost-effective RFID solution, the CenSys RFID Reader, has an unlimited range of applications for many different fields.

Companies storing a mix of high and low value assets that are distributed throughout many locations find CenSys to make quick work of asset tracking, particularly when you have more than one thousand items under management.

  • Construction, building, landscaping applications

    Prevent losses from theft, misplacement, and delays. Know where your tools and goods are 24/7. Know when an item leaves the yard and who moved it. Track your supply chain and scan your yard, trucks, and warehouse in seconds.

  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical applications

    Know where samples and tests are within your workflow. Keep an inventory of medications and equipment to locate particular items quickly for patients in need. Prevent the misuse of medicines and equipment by monitoring who has it and where.

  • School and club applications

    Keeping track of equipment for educational purposes, particularly for special populations of students, is tantamount to ensuring safety. Know when and where equipment is checked out and monitor their return.

  • Fashion, jewelry, museums, and gallery applications

    You don’t need an expensive solution to keep track of highly valued jewelry and fine art. CenSys RFID Reader and tags track even the most valued assets, preventing theft and unauthorized movement.

  • Manufacturing applications

    Regardless of your business sector, you’ll speed through internal audits with the CenSys RFID Reader and tags. Know where any asset is at all times. Tracking work order processes, tool tracking, & managing assets streamlines inventory reviews for government parts suppliers and consumer manufacturers alike.

  • Home and office applications

    Collectors and hobbyists can now know the exact location of items for storage or display and have a complete inventory at the ready for all items in the event of any disaster, from fire and flood to theft.

The Brady® CenSys RFID system is the most cost-effective of our line-up of RFID asset tracking and location solutions.

Also, check out our V-Tag™ Active RFID system and review our holistic view of intermingling RFID technologies. Our RFID experts are available to guide you to the best technology for your particular asset tracking needs. Contact us for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation at (425) 438-2533.