BarCode OS Enhanced

BarCode OS Enhanced Module

BarCodeOS Enhanced Module - Adds Even More Functionality to UID Scanners

BarCodeOS ® Enhanced additionally includes smart filtering, lookup, and parsing functionality.


What is 'Smart-Filter' ?

Smart-Filter extends the basic character filtering of BarCodeOS Basic to include advanced data scenarios analysis.

What is 'Smart-Lookup' ?

Smart-Lookup provides on-board database lookup from a scanned value to output associated data.

What is 'Smart-Parse' ?

Smart-Parse splits any multi-field barcode into individual parts data parts with user defined output (Examples include ID cards, Driver's License, age verification, shipping labels, etc.) and user control is easy via the web browser configuration utility.

How Does the Web Tool Work?

shows Barcode OS web configuration tabs



A publicly available URL requires login to validate the reader hardware information (via direct scanning of a monitor displayed code). When that reader's credentials are verified as being "BarCodeOS Enabled", the user is presented with a multi-tab format which allows the customer to select from 1 of 3 functional areas:

  • Reader Current Settings & Configuration (with following sub-tab functional groups)
    • Reader Info & Resets (Default resets, ErrorReports, Time/Date)
    • Prefix, Suffix, Find/Replace, & 'Firewall'
    • User Interface (beep, vol, etc.)
    • Bar Code Type Support (enable/disable decode support)
  • BarCodeOS Application Selection & Configuration
  • Generic Bar Code Symbology Creation Utilities
    • A series of open source utilities are provided for users to test their scanner configuration settings without having to actually print any barcode labels.
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