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BarCode OS Industry Module

The BarCodeOS Industry Module Enhances UID Scanners for Specific Industry Needs

BarCodeOS ® Industry Is a collection of applications which are custom built for specific industry needs. In contrast to the Basic and Suite modules, pricing is set by custom application rather than for an entire 'module'. For customers with specific application needs, ID Integration has a development staff which can offer this professional service. Transform your scanners into effective UID scanners for MIL-STD-130 compliance and more with ease using BarCodeOS Industry. Please contact us at 425-438-2533 for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

What is 'Smart-UID' ?

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Smart-UID is a BarCodeOS application with 5+ years of field usage experience via ID Integration's previous Smart-Scan product. Used in support of DOD/NATO Asset Tracking programs, Smart-UID is still the premier handheld scanner solution for IUID applications - offering the following features:example uid label

  • UID Validation: Transmits only valid MIL-STD-130 UID bar codes to the PC. Eliminates data entry errors due to scanning of invalid UID barcodes.
  • UID Error Reporting: Identifies multiple UID syntax errors, not just the first found, and provides extended reporting to suggest corrections.
    • 2_UIDErrors_,IllegalChars,Wrong_Length,********
      Raw_Scan=[)>▲12↔CAG 1RWL9↔PNO 1234567890123/4↔SEQ 1234567890123456▲♦
      **UID Error** Illegal slash / character found in data elements. Not valid with use of Text Element Identifier prefix styles.
      **UID Error** Illegal Length of format 12/DD TEI data element. Part & Serial numbers should be 15 characters maximum.
      ISOprefix=[)>▲ (PASS) ; Separator=↔ (PASS) ; ISOsuffix=▲♦ (PASS)
      Format=12 (VALID) ; IAC=D ; Construct=UID2
      Data Segment 1: Prefix=CAG ; Value=1RWL9
      Data Segment 2: Prefix=PNO ; Value=1234567890123/4
      Data Segment 3: Prefix=SEQ ; Value=1234567890123456
  • UII Output Format: Also provides UII data string output for direct input into WAWF or other database forms - avoiding the need to deal with the 'non-printable' ASCII characters within the raw UID barcode string.
  • Scan both UID & P/N barcodes without mode switching: Since P/N barcodes are NOT UID data, most commercial UID scanners will not transmit P/N or 1-D barcode data without switching in/out of their 'UII Mode'. Our Smart-Scan™ technology eliminates any possible operator confusion by transmitting all desired scan data - differentiating UID, P/N, and/or 1-D data through beep/vibration sequences.
  • UID Character Display: The CR3500/CR3600 remain the only bar code readers that accurately display even 'non-printable' ASCII characters.
  • UID Parsing: Transmits all or only a single data element from a scanned UID barcode. Allows for the auto population of multiple fields within existing software forms. It can also be used to return only the S/N component of a UID barcode - useful when original vendor S/N is used within the UID construction.
What is 'Smart-UDI' ?

fda logoCurrently in development testing, Smart-UDI is similar in concept to Smart-UID, but offers validation & parsing capabilities consistent with the FDA's new Unique Device Identification (UDI) policy. For more information on this evolving policy, refer to one of the following links:

What is 'Smart-Pelta'

example pelta anti-counterfeiting labelCurrently available only with the Microscan HS41x reader, Smart-Pelta is intended for Anti-Counterfeiting applications, and combines custom decode firmware with the advanced formatting capabilities of BarCodeOS Basic

. Pelta Code is a technology offered by PageMark Technology which allows for the transfer of both public and hidden messages within the bar code symbology. To see a demonstration of how this works, please visit our ID Integration YouTube Channel.

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