BarCodeOS Basic

BarCode OS Basic Module

BarCodeOS Basic Module Turns An Intelligent Scanner Into An Enhanced IUID Scanner

BarCodeOS ® Basic provides the core functionality used by the other more advanced modules, but the functionality enhancements offered via the Basic module, alone, far exceed the capabilities in most barcode readers. All of these enhancements to productivity & security are available for use in any of the applications within the Suite and Industry modules as well. BarCodeOS provides a smart, simple, & secure solution to finding the perfect IUID scanner for your MIL-STD-130 needs.

What is 'Secure-Boot' ?

Secure-Boot is a baseline feature in BarCodeOS that gives users the "Functional @ Boot Guarrantee." The reader's power-up boot process is controlled by BarCodeOS to force the scanner into a functional 'USB Keyboard Wedge' driver mode eliminating the cause for the most common bar code reader support call.

Why don't all bar code readers provide this feature? We have no idea. But until they do, BarCodeOS will fill this essential need.

What is 'Secure-Config' ?

Secure-Configuration is a baseline feature in BarCodeOS that provides IT support staff with a means of 'locking' the reader's configuration so that most functional issues are resolved with a simple power cycle of the reader - eliminating the need for IT support personnel on the shop floor.

Most users will need to change some reader configurations beyond those of the 'Factory Settings'. The problem with most readers, is that they also provide users with a relatively easy means of returning the scanner to the 'Factory Default Settings' - erasing all custom configurations set by the local IT support staff. It's only human nature to seek out the 'Return to Factory Defaults' option when the scanner doesn't immediately function as expected. However, there is a literal financial cost to this approach since it both stalls productive usage AND requires a labor effort by IT support staff to retrieve the reader for reconfiguration.

BarCodeOS provides an editable reader configuration file where IT support staff can define their required settings, and guarantee that those settings are implemented upon every power-up cycle of the reader. ID Integration provides this configuration file with initial settings, what we believe, will satisfy the majority of industrial users. So, although there is no requirement for users to edit this file, it is available for customization and use to nearly eliminate reconfiguration issues throughout the life of the reader.

Fast, Simple, Portable Configuration via Web Browser

Bar Code reader configuration theoretically occurs once, prior to first production use. In contrast to 200+ page user manuals, or installation of proprietary software with high learning curves, BarCodeOS provides licensed customers with a public web browser portal for feature configuration of their reader. The webpage analyzes and displays your current scanner settings in a simple tab-based user interface. Web form choices produce real-time configuration barcodes which the user can scan directly from their PC monitor, laptop screen, or even smartphone. Not only does this tool provide users with the World's fastest means for reader configuration. It also provides the fastest and simplest means of debugging reader abnormalities. Perhaps best of all, the Web-based tool is frequently updated with new features & functionality - all without the need for users to download and reinstall any software updates to the tool.

shows Barcode OS web configuration tabs

How Does the Web Tool Work? A publicly available URL requires login to validate the reader hardware information (via direct scanning of a monitor displayed code). When that reader's credentials are verified as being "BarCodeOS Enabled," the user is presented with a multi-tab format which allows the customer to select from 1 of 3 functional areas:

  • Reader Current Settings & Configuration (with following sub-tab functional groups)
    • Reader Info & Resets (Default resets, ErrorReports, Time/Date)
    • Prefix, Suffix, Find/Replace, & 'Firewall'
    • User Interface (beep, vol, etc.)
    • Bar Code Type Support (enable/disable decode support)
  • BarCodeOS Application Selection & Configuration
  • Generic Bar Code Symbology Creation Utilities
    • A series of open source utilities are provided for users to test their scanner configuration settings without having to actually print any barcode labels.
Easy, Yet Advanced, Data Formatting

Perhaps the most common configuration requirement for new readers is the definition of Prefix and/or Suffix values to be added to the decoded data strings. BarCodeOS, via it's Web Setup Brower Tool, provides the simplest and most flexible means of defining these settings. Where most reader manufacturers only provide single [Enter] or [Tab] settings for prefix and suffix, BarCodeOS offers a data form where these values are completely free-form, user-defined settings.

Why you need a Bar Code reader 'Firewall'
 A big advantage of BarCodeOS is its ability to serve as a firewall to block embedded, malicious operating system commands possible in Data Matrix, QR, or PDF417 barcodes. There are a growing number of incidences being reported around the world particularly with QR Codes about this issue and to ID  Integration's knowledge, BarCodeOS is the only released scanning solution that addresses this problem.
Automated Image Capture & Naming

example IUID nameplateALL
2-D Bar Code Readers are cameras - a physical requirement for decoding 2-dimensional symbologies such as Data Matris, PDF417, Aztec, and QR Codes. In general, 2D bar code readers are macro lens, grayscale cameras, without flash capability. This makes them unsuitable for anything other than close-up image capture of well lit objects such as product ID plates, labels, or decals. Still, such data plate image capture can be a highly desireable feature - providing a visual record to enhance and/or validate electronic data.

What is Smart-Foto? It's a utility in the BarCodeOS Basic module, that provides the most automated image capture tool available in a bar code reader. Any 2D reader can capture an image. But Smart-Foto is the worlds's first solution to provide an auto filenaming capability. Smart-Foto eliminates the need for post image capture processing. Simply upload the image files from the scanner to the PC without need for cropping, resizing, or file renaming.

How it Works: First of all, Smart-Foto only works with multi-trigger button reader models. Smart-Foto is a user-toggled feature (on/off) that changes the function of one trigger button to serve as a camera shutter. The user can capture as many images as desired by pressing that 'shutter' button. When finished, the user then defines a 'base file name' for the image files. They do this either by scanning a bar code, or (if a CR3600 model is used) by manually entering a file name from the reader's keypad. The stored images are then renamed within the scanner's stored memory, using the same base file name, but with incrementing suffix numbers, and a .jpg extension.

The major advantages to using the Smart-Foto utility with BarCodeOS Basic module are:

  • Small (30-40KB) File size
  • Good Close-up image detail
  • No post capture editing required
  • Available for optional use in any BarCodeOS application
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